Project Controls Inc. provides aerial pipeline ROW inspections, to oil and gas exploration and midstream companies


Project Controls utilizes an Aviat Husky, which is a tandem two-seat, high-wing, utility light aircraft

Aircraft is based out of Sidney, MT with the ability to reposition the aircraft thru out MT, WY and ND

And also has the ability to add additional aircraft if required

The high-wing tandem aircraft provides excellent visibility for the pilot to view the pipeline on from either side of the aircraft

100 hr. and annual inspections are performed on the aircraft

A GPS location of the pipeline is provided to the pilot

The pilot is guided to the line by the use of a GPS system 

What We Look For during the inspections

  • Erosion
  • Encroachment,

Equipment or landowners

  • Change in vegetation (Color changes)
  • Settlement


We understand the importance of timely reporting is provided

Urgent issues are communicated via text message in the air

All flight tracks are traced on google earth with date and time information

Google Earth geotags are provide

To provide the customer with quick and accurate location of each issue Google Earth tags are provided with the report that can be opened in google earth. 

To help determine the issue detailed pictures are provided of each exception

Photos of each exception are provided