Row Reclamation Management

Row Reclamation Management

Project Controls Inc. provides ROW reclamation management services to midstream and oil & gas exploration companies, we provide management and oversite of the ROW reclamation process from the design and planning phase to the completion of successful land restoration while working with all of the project stakeholders such as project owner, landowner, regulatory agencies and contractors.

We understand that the row reclamation is an important component of the successful completion of a pipeline project and see the need for designated oversite of the project from pre-construction thru ROW restoration.  


Design/Planning Phase

During the design phase, existing conditions are documented through the use of current aerial maps and field surveys.  This information is used to create a reclamation plan that documents existing land and vegetation type, area/quantities and land use. From the reclamation plan a work breakdown structure, budget and schedule is created. The Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) will be incorporated into the reclamation plan

  • Document Existing
  • Reclamation Plan

Construction Phase

  • Monitor topsoil removal
  • Monitor topsoil replacement
  • Supervise the Installation of BMPs
  • Monitor BMPs

Reclamation/Seeding Phase

  • Prep ROW for seeding
  • Prep soil/cultivate
  • Follow reclamation plan to ensure proper areas are seeded to correct seed type
  • Complete BMP installation
  • Provide on-site supervision during the reclamation/seeding process


  • Monitoring phase is completed in conjunction with the required stormwater inspections
  • Monitor vegetation growth/ by ground or air inspection
  • Reseed where required
  • Monitor and repair any settlement issues
  • Repair BMPs


  • Remove BMPs
  • Upon successful reclamation a notice of termination is completed to satisfy the SWPPP
  • Successfully reclaimed ROW allows for easier ROW maintenance and inspections